The 2019 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show

The lineup is all set for the 2019 Dragon Con Pre-Game Show.

Wes Carroll talks with Zachary Levi (Shazam, Chuck), Cooper Andrews (Shazam, Walking Dead), Kimberly Brooks (Doc McStuffins), and Bill Corbett (MST3K) about their upcoming appearance at Dragon Con.

Plus Dan Carroll gives the rundown what's new for 2019.

Wes also talks with this year's charity partner the American Heart Association.

The Dragon Con Pre-Game Show air times:

WDAK: 8/24 11AM

WVRK: 8/24 7PM

WGEX: 8/24 8PM

WSTH: 8/25 6AM

WGSY: 8/25 7AM

WOBB: 8/25 7AM

WQBZ: 8/25 tbd

WIBH: 8/25 tbd 

WMGE: 8/25 tbd

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