1 in 3 Parents Admit to Giving Kids the Chores They Dislike [Survey]

Let's agree that doing mundane household chores is just the worst part of adulthood. That is why it is unsurprising to learn that 1 in 3 parents assign their own children the chores they hate doing themselves. It's really a smart move and one of the (many) benefits of being a parent.

It seems parents are in agreement with passing on their most hated household chores. Cinch Home Services sponsored a survey of just over 1,000 American parents to learn just which household chores are the least desirable. 28.8% of parents admitted to giving their kids chores they don't want to do themselves. The number one chore parents hate to do themselves is cleaning the toilet.

Rounding out the top ten as the most hated chores are:

•Removing hair from drains

•Cleaning the bathroom in general

•Unclogging the kitchen sink

Folding laundry

•Cleaning the oven

•Hand washing dishes


•Cleaning out the fridge

•Cleaning up after pets

This survey also looked into how families with children implement chores.

•45% of families with one child and 47% of families with two children decided to use a chore chart

•Families with three children only used a chore chart 21% of the time

It seems like the household chores we hate are a bit generational too.

•This survey found that 31% of millennials hate folding laundry as opposed to 19% of baby boomers.

Something that may infuriate moms is that their own partners are avoiding housework too.

•31% of married men admitted to doing a chore poorly to get out of doing it again.

Photo: Getty Images