How I made a fool out of myself in a DM conversation with Kimmie Gibbler...

Have you ever had an Instagram DM conversation with a celebrity? I have a few times, but the one I had the other night left me feeling like a complete idiot!

Ever since Bob Saget passed away I've been watching a ton of Full House and the reboot Fuller House. I was curious about how they got the set to look so much like the original, so I started Googling... I came across multiple articles that claimed they used the blue couch from the original show in the reboot. There was even a story (that I can't seem to find now) about how Andrea Barber, who played Kimmie Gibbler, kept coughing on the set because the old couch was so dusty. She said they ended up getting it professionally cleaned so it wouldn't irritate her allergies anymore.

After watching multiple seasons of both shows, I realized that the couch from the original did not appear to be the same as the one in the new show. The old one was solid white and light blue checkered, while the one in Fuller House had some additional lines and a pattern within it. I actually skipped through some episodes in various seasons to make sure they didn't swap out the couch at some point. From what I could tell, the couches were different. Why would they lie about this? I have no idea, but I decided to reach out to Andrea to get the scoop.

I had tagged her in my Insta story with the picture in my "Love Like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Saget" shirt and she responded to it with a heart... I didn't really expect her to respond when I asked about the couch, but she did. She said an executive producer had it in storage and brought it out for the new show 30 years later. I questioned the story because I'd watched so many episodes and swore the couch was not the same...

Here are some pictures. The top one is from season 6 of Full House and the bottom one is the couch that was used in all 5 seasons of Fuller House. You can see that the squares are bigger in the second photo and that the couch in the first photo doesn't have lines going through each square.

Clearly, not the same couch! I did a whole long Instagram story about it too...

Then I wondered to myself, maybe they got a new couch towards the end of the show? I had only made it to season 6 of Full House... Every episode I was waiting to see the "new" couch...

I peeked at a few episodes of season 7... No new couch.

Then I went to episode 1 of the final season, season 8, and lo and behold, there it was!

The couch with the additional pattern and the bigger squares was, in fact, in the original show... But only in the last season.

As you can see, that's 9-year-old Michelle sitting on the couch that was later used in Fuller House.

I thought I had done my due diligence but apparently I hadn't looked hard enough... I went back to message Andrea Barber again and told her I was sorry and that I solved the mystery.

She didn't respond... Gee, I wonder why??

Seriously, only *I* could have a conversation with Kimmie Gibbler and end up being the one to make a fool out of myself!

Also, here's my Bob Saget shirt. Isn't it adorable?

Thank you for reading. I'm still embarrassed by this.

If you've ever had a good (or bad) DM convo with a celebrity, I'd love to hear about it... You can click through to my Insta above and DM me!

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