This Sweet Little House Has a Built-in Ice Cream Bar!

Recently featured on the fun Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, this modest looking home in Ohio has a few very unique features... An indoor-outdoor pool... AND A FULL-FLEDGED ICE CREAM BAR!!!

Here's what the front of the house looks like.

And here's the "indoor-outdoor" pool that looks like it's mostly outdoor with maybe a few feet to take a dip in the indoor part??

I wonder what that conversation was like...

"Hey babe, I love ice cream so much I think we should install one of those industrial freezers, like all the ice cream shops have."

"OK, but I really want an indoor-outdoor pool."

"OK, we can do that too!"

Anyone else want to be friends with these people?

Think about what a dream this would be for kids having birthday parties!!!

Let's be serious though, the house looks like it needs some serious upgrades but I hope the new owners keep that ice cream bar!