WATCH: Georgia Dog Found In Ohio, Reunites With Owner 4 Years Later

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

After four years, a Georgia dog owner finally got to see his lost dog again — Sam turned up about 700 miles away in Cleveland, Ohio.

Of course, he made the 8-hour trek to reunite with Sam.

Local law enforcement officers had dropped him off at the kennel, where a microchip revealed that the pooch had gone missing from the Peach State.

City Dogs Cleveland contacted his owner and captured a video of the long-awaited reunion.

“Hey, buddy!” Sam’s owner says as staff members lead his dog down the hallway. “You got big, dude! I remember you were so tiny!”

His dog appeared just as excited to see him again — Sam didn’t stop wagging his tail the whole time.

City Dogs Cleveland shared the reunion video on Twitter on Thursday (April 15). Here's what the organization said of Sam's story:

“Get tissues ready for this one...Sam was dropped off by police who found him. Kennel staff scanned & found a #microchip then contacted the number on file. Turns out, Sam was missing for 4 YEARS, from Georgia! His owner drove 8hrs to get Sam in an emotional #reunion.”

City Dogs Cleveland is at 9203 Detroit Avenue.

Photo: Getty Images