STUDY: Doll Play Helps Kids Develop the Essential Skill of Empathy

Barbie has launched a new study which shows conclusively that doll play helps kids develop empathy. With kids home from school and parents concerned that they aren’t getting enough social interactions, this study is more relevant than ever and is being released at a time where parents will learn playing with dolls can be a solution for kids. The findings show the developmental and well-being benefits, even when playing alone, are greater than tablet play.

To understand the relevancy of the study, Barbie independently commissioned a global survey in 22 different countries questioning 15,000 parents which showed 91 percent of parents rank empathy as a key social skill they would like their child to develop, but only 26 percent were aware that doll play could help their child develop these skills

Barbie has also launched an online hub featuring resources for parents, caregivers, and children, to support them in their social processing skills which has been developed alongside leading empathy expert, writer, and educational psychologist, Dr. Michele Borba.