Big, Inflatable Babies Duke It Out at Florida Gender Reveal Bash [VIDEO]

You don’t have to light forests on fire to announce the sex of your baby.

A Florida woman has devised a hilarious way to reveal her kid’s gender — by having people in giant baby costumes duke it out on her front lawn.

“It’s been such a sad and gloomy year for all of us, so we wanted something that would bring some joy and laughter to everyone,” said Jacksonville’s Rose Safar, who is pregnant with the recently revealed baby boy.

She added that she wanted to entertain her guests, rather than just “pop a balloon or confetti popper” as is customary at most gender-reveal parties, Storyful reported.

Her relative came up with the idea for the baby boxing match to “symbolize which sperm won the fight to get inside the egg during conception,” she said.

In the Facebook video of the spectacle posted Tuesday by Safar, the expectant mother’s cousin and nephew can be seen throwing down while dressed in ridiculous blowup baby getups.

The bout concludes with the inflatable boy knocking down his female counterpart to the cheers of the bash’s 90-something guests.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the tyke-won-do match, according to Safar, who said that “it was a truly memorable evening for everyone.” Her baby boy, named Zayn Alloush, is due March 2021, per the Facebook post.

Photo: Getty Images

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