() “Waves” of fast-moving ice — or an “ice tsunami” — charged into homes in Canada and Minnesota over the weekend, destroying or damaging much of what was in its path.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that 12 homes were completely destroyed and 15 damaged when upwards of 37-mile-per-hour winds pushed ice up from Lake Dauphin. No injuries as a result of the unusual event were reported.

The Davis family on Ochre Beach heard the ice coming and within five minutes it rose from the lake and pushed into their home, moving furniture and bathroom fixtures from their place.

“They heard it before they saw it coming up their decks,” deputy reeve Clayton Watts told the Free Press. “Then it came right in their front windows. It was just a matter of minutes. Fortunately, no one was hurt. We were very lucky.”

Here are videos showing the aftermath:

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